5 Creating Unique Home Decor from Unique Different Elements

When we are talking about unique home decor ideas, we are basically talking about a lot of different aspects and factors. Anything can make a house look special and unique. You can focus on one part only or you can combine several factors together. There is no limit to creativity when decorating your house! Unique Home Decor is one of rarely decor because special to do it. So, what are the elements that can affect the overall good look of a house?

5 Unique Home Decor

1. Whimsical and Unique Furniture

Unique Home Decor

Who says you need to always stick to the regular and boring type of furniture? Sure, a regular couch or a typical dining table can exude elegance and class, but there is no harm in having fun, right? After all, your house is supposed to be your ‘playground’ where you can relax and have fun.

A dining table with a see-saw chair is definitely fun? When else can you enjoy your meal while playing around? After all, the see-saw table is perfect for those who hate people leaving the table in the middle of eating time.

Or what about the lego furniture? Not only it is perfect when paired up with your regular couch, the touch of whimsical and playful color is also nice for the overall decor. Not to mention that such lego fun will be appealing for the kids. They may forget their gadgets and play with the lego, instead!

You can choose a lounge that looks like a nest, so you can sit comfortably – right inside your nest! It is plush and fluffy, and it is certainly unique. If you don’t want to have a piece of regular furniture, such a lounger would be just perfect for you. You can turn your living room into a playful and fun spot at home.

The furniture doesn’t have to be limited to the ones in the living room or in the dining room. There are tons of unique furniture for the bedroom, the home office, your bathroom, and so much more. Simply have fun during your time choosing the furniture and create a unique home decor element.

Unique Home Decor

2. Unique Ceiling Features

Unique Home Decor

The ceiling is often neglected and forgotten. But do you know that you can actually transform its looks and boost its appearance when you focus on that part and create something different on it? Feel free to have simple patterns on the ceiling. If you have more budgets to spend, you can perform grandeur and fancy transformations that will create a ‘wow’ effect. But even simple work will do it.

Here are some ideas for the ceiling:

  • You can add wallpaper to the ceiling with a different color from the wall. It’s also possible to add simple patterns to that area
  • Want to add some appeal? Add some lights that won’t cost you a fortune
  • Installing fake beams won’t be expensive but they can add a unique appeal to the ceiling
  • If you have more money to spend, you can include intricate work (usually permanent) to the ceiling

Unique Home Decor

3. One-of-a-Kind Wall Decor

Unique Home Decor

A lot of people think that they need to do fancy stuff, spend a fortune, and deal with a complicated process to choose attractive wall decor in order to create unique home decor. In reality, you don’t need to do those things. Choosing simple decor while paying attention to the function would be a crucial factor in choosing such a decor.

Here are some examples and ideas:

  • A cute fire escape shelf for the kitchen or the home office will be interesting
  • A bookshelf with a unique shape (a tree, a flower, etc) will be a great focal point
  • Unique wall art with contrastive color to the wall can deliver a simple effect but totally gorgeous!
  • Unique photo frames and photo collections that will add warmth to your house

Think of the things that feel personal and intimate for your house. It doesn’t always have to brand new or costly. You can buy from a secondhand store or you can transform your old stuff and repurpose it. As long as they add personalized charm and appeal to the decor, rest assured that your house will look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.

Unique Home Decor

4. Simple, but Gorgeous, Wall Color

Unique Home Decor

Color can make your house unique and different. Different hues can deliver different results and outcomes. For instance, a wall color of black and brown are usually exuding masculinity, while pink and purple are somewhat girlish and adorable.

There are some helpful tips to deal with the wall color:

  • Dark teal and black are just perfect to make any wall artwork the focus of attention
  • Bold blue is great when you have indoor plants because the color will complement them
  • Deep green will create a classic and sophisticated feel
  • Any shade of pink will create a lively effect

Dealing with the wall color doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. You just have to figure out the matching color. Choose around 2 colors and accent colors to create a balanced look. Sometimes it’s okay to use a contrast color, but only if you want to create a ‘shocking’ effect.

Unique Home Decor


5. Clever Storage Solution

Unique Home Decor

Don’t underestimate the importance of storage. Without it, your house won’t be functional. You want to create unique home decor while making it functional at the same time. Where would you keep your belongings? How can you expect everything to be placed orderly and managed well? However, to keep everything interesting and unique, there are several clever storage options.

There are some ideas to manage your storage:

  • Use multifunctional furniture at home. A bed with storage compartments underneath or a couch with a removable top and hollow contents for storage
  • ‘Hide’ the storage. Why not having racks on wheels, a closed (kitchen) cabinet from the floor up to the ceiling, or a pullout rack? They will definitely help you save a spot
  • Make the most of your space and house. Make use of the corner area for the corner cabinet or use the wall space for shelf, rack, or anything else – as long as you can keep your stuff.

Unique Home Decor

Final Words of Unique Home Decor

Feel free to combine these elements or stick to only one. Make sure that you enjoy the process and you still have fun while creating unique home decor.

Unique Home Decor