6 Cool Star Wars Home Decor without Overdoing It

You probably think about having Star Wars home decor if you are so into the movie and also the pop culture trend. You have to admit that Star Wars have created a legendary pop culture that has become a strong interest and appeal for the fans.

It’s also interesting to have such decor at home. And you won’t believe that there is actually much stuff related to the Star Wars theme out there! Well, if you are one of the fans, and you are appealed by the idea of having the theme at home, there are some stuff that you can use at home.

6 Star Wars Home Decor

1. Star Wars Bed

Star Wars Home Decor

Star Wars Home Decor

Do you know that there are some Star Wars beds that you can have at home? And unlike what people believe, these beds aren’t only exclusive for kids only. Some beds are also designed for adults. For instance, there are beds in the Millennium Falcon design that was controlled by Han Solo, complete with the design. You can definitely choose it for your bedroom decor.

For the kids, Podracer by Anakin Skywalker can be a good idea too. With a bright orange shade, such a bed is perfect for energetic kids. Such a bed exudes a special charm of the Star Wars vibe. Your kids would be ecstatic.

But what if you don’t have the budget to have such specially designed beds? Or create a custom bed design? No need to worry. There are still some tips and tricks for it:

  • Choose Star Wars sheets or pillow cover
  • Create a custom Star Wars headboard. Such a thing won’t cost you a fortune
  • Still on the budget? Cover your old headboard with Star Wars theme fabric or clothes. Voila! You have your own personalized stuff.

In short, be creative about how you want to decorate the bedroom, whether it is your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom.

Star Wars Home Decor

2. Star Wars Table

You’d be surprised to find out that there are actually many interesting tables with Star Wars themes. They are coming in various forms and styles. Some of them may have the personalized Star Wars shapes and forms. Some may come with regular rectangular or circular shapes but with a Star Wars theme and decoration on them.

There are some attractive ideas for the Star Wars home decor tables:

  • A regular dining table with a Star Wars theme right on the surface
  • A coffee table with leg support in the form of a Death Star
  • A coffee table with the form of a Millennium Falcon shape

There are still tons of ideas for the table out there. If you don’t have the budget, be creative and use your imagination!

Star Wars Home Decor

3. Star Wars Wallpaper

Star Wars Home Decor

You don’t have to necessarily cover the entire wall with the wallpaper; you just need to choose some places to have the wallpaper. Your bedroom, for instance, can be a great place for wallpaper. You can also place the wallpaper in some places, such as the reading room, the kid’s playroom, and such places. If you feel daring and bold, install the wallpaper in the dining area or living room.

4. Star Wars Bathroom

Star Wars Home Decor

Is it possible to bring the Star Wars theme into the bathroom? Why not? You can actually add some knicks and knacks for the room. The options for bathroom Star Wars home decor are basically limitless, as long as you know what to expect.

Here are some ideas for the bathroom:

  • Shower curtain. Why not add a shower curtain with a Star Wars theme or images? From that point alone, everyone knows your love for the theme.
  • Bathmat or bathroom rug. What about having a Stormtroopers mat or R2D2 rug?
  • Bathroom printable. Think about accentuating the accents on the walls? The printables can be a great option if you want to elevate the bathroom in an elegant way.
  • You’d be surprised to know that there are tons of towels with Star Wars images. You can have Princess Leia print, Darth Vader hand towel, or R2D2 print.
  • Other accessories. There are many options for it, including a 3-CPO bin, R2D2 showerhead, Darth Vader soap dispenser pump, and others

Who says your bathroom should be bare and plain? If you can pick the right stuff, your bathroom can be as exciting as other rooms at home with this cool theme.Star Wars Home Decor

5. Star Wars Barbecue Grille

Star Wars Home Decor

Are you into barbecue or spending your time outdoors grilling something? If you are one of those Star Wars fans, you’d be happy to know that there are some barbecue grilles with Star Wars shapes. Not only they are unique, but they have such appealing shapes that will spark up your outdoor time.

Here are some ideas that will make your barbecue time more enjoyable and fun!

  • Galaxy Grille is great if you are looking for a grille as well as a serving spot. With the grill in the middle and the serving trays on the sides, your barbecue will never be dull anymore.
  • Death Star grille is absolutely gorgeous! Who knows? Maybe you can ask your Star Wars friend to hang out together
  • Millennium Falcon fire pit will make you feel as if you were Han Solo.

Star Wars Home Decor

Star Wars Home Decor

6. Star Wars Home Decor Gift

Accessories and Accents

Star Wars Home Decor

There are other smaller accents and accessories that you can put all over the house to add a Star Wars home decor vibe. A Star War clock can be great for the kitchen, the living, and even your home office. There are tons of different clock designs that you can choose for the decoration. Browse around and you will be amazed by your findings.

Have you ever thought about having your own display cabinet? Some people may have a dedicated area for their collections. This is a great idea because you can place many different collections of yours in that particular area. A display cabinet or rack or shelf can also help you make use of the empty space on the wall so you can free up the floor space.

There is also Darth Vader toast maker, Death Star waffle maker, Hyperspace bookshelf, and others as accessories. You can scatter them here and there, placing each accessory in various different places. Do it subtly but consistently, so you can create elegant but outstanding Star Wars home decor.

Star Wars Home Decor

Star Wars Home Decor